Eicon Diva USB

Eicon / Dialogic Diva USB ISDN card

Eicon Diva USB Dialogic ISDN interface

Eicon Diva USB ISDN Card / modem for S-bus / ISDN2e / ISDN BRI

Eicon Diva USB

Eicon Technology’s DIVA ISDN USB provides one of the most versatile solutions for accessing corporate networks or the Internet over ISDN. The DIVA ISDN USB is an external ISDN adapter that permits you to take advantage of both the speed of your ISDN connection, and the unprecedented flexibility of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port on your PC.

Best of all, it’s simple to use. Plug-and-Play installation and Configuration Wizards ensure that you are up and running in minutes—just plug one end of the device into the USB port on your PC, and the other end into your ISDN line. With its small, elegant design, the DIVA ISDN USB lends itself perfectly to both desktop and mobile use. And because it connects directly to the USB port on your PC, it requires no external power supply.

The DIVA ISDN USB is fully CAPI-compliant, enabling it to work with a wide range of ISDN applications. It includes software that allows you to send faxes and even accept incoming voice calls.


Product Highlights

  • High-speed ISDN adapter
  • Easy setup with Plug and Play and an Installation Wizard
  • Graphical ISDN diagnostic tool and trace utility
  • Fax and voice mail capabilities using RVS-COM software
  • Ideal for both notebook and desktop PCs
  • Fully portable – connects to the USB port, so no external power supply is necessary
  • Supports CAPI 2.0 applications
  • Supports Modem-based applications
  • Includes bonus applications to help you get the most out of your ISDN experience
  • 5-year warranty


There have been several hardware variants of the Eicon Diva USB and the performance and drivers required varies according to the type you have.